Professional Training One Step At A Time!

A Well Behaved Dog
A well behaved dog takes time.  Training a dog is like getting in shape; it takes commitment and practice.  If you slack, so will your dog.  The solution is to focus on one thing at a time and move on to the next step when your dog is ready to progress.

Filson Is The Best!
Filson is the best because we allow our dog and handler teams to progress naturally when their schedules allow and when the dog is ready.  You can repeat a class as many times as you want until you feel like your dog is ready to move on.

Getting Started Is Easy
Getting started is easy because we let you take one class at a time.  The curriculum is designed to make YOU a better trainer so that your dog can learn anywhere at anytime.

Filson Makes It Easy
Filson makes training easy and fun.  We have structured our classes to allow you flexibility. Filson Dog School allows you to focus on what your dog needs and only on what your dog needs.

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Classes taught at Jeffrey’s in North Beach -1841 Powell Street, Sf, CA