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After your Initial Behavior Consultation Kelley will send you a personalized Behavior Modification Plan.  Your first homework assignment is likely to be establishing a Management Plan so that your dog can not keep repeating the undesirable behavior.

apolloKelley will have shown you how to do this in the Consult and she will have likely given you several options.  Your homework is to pick a Management plan and use it consistently.  once a Management Plan is firmly in place, you can start actively teaching your dog to make better choices.

You may have been given some simple exercises for you and your dog to practice immediately.  And you should read the handouts that were sent to you in conjunction with the Behavior Modification Plan.

Additionally you will have been given some homework to build your training skills and your dog’s obedience skills.  Management, obedience, and training fundamentals comprise the foundation of Behavior Modification.

Your NEXT STEP is to schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with your trainer.  Both you and your dog will need practice & feedback to reach your training goals.

What Will My Dog And I Learn?