sonnyDogs are smart, adaptable, social, playful and loving. They bring so much to our lives, but they also bring along a complicate social history with a variety of genetically engrained hunting, scavenging, and guarding behaviors. Navigating your dog’s needs and misbehaviors in a modern, urban society can be a daunting task. Rescue dogs with mixed-breed backgrounds can be as complicated as pure-bred dogs when it comes to understanding and controlling undesirable doggie behaviors.

Resolving problem behaviors can take time, but it is not impossible. However, the proper guidance is essential to interrupting and eliminating behavior problems quickly and correctly. Problems such as barking, house-soiling, fighting, biting, pulling, stealing items, chewing, running-off, and ignoring commands can be difficult to live with and the solutions are not intuitive, even to highly educated and experienced owners.

Many of us face new challenges with our dogs in today’s densely populated parks and streets; challenges that did not exist even a few years ago.  The urban landscape is a complicated doggie environment. Outdated techniques that may have appeared to work with your childhood dog, or even your last dog, are unlikely to create the lasting changes you want for your modern, urban companion.

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