You may be wondering if Private Training is right for you and your dog.  Most often classes are for dogs who are comfortable in groups of people and dogs.  Occasionally a dog is too fearful or aggressive for a class situation.  Here is a list to help you decide if you should schedule an appointment for Private Training. Of corse some people just prefer a personal approach.  Private Training is appropriate for anyone who wishes to have a well-trained, happy dog!

img_0071Most likely you will need to fill out the New Client Questionnaire, schedule the Initial Consultation & have a few follow-up training sessions before your concerns are addressed and your dog has changed their behavior.

Remember with dogs it is not about KNOWING better, its about teaching new habits and then making those new habits the best option for your dog.  It is common for Clients & Dogs to have 3-5 follow-up sessions after a Behavior Consult.

What To Do If Private Training is Right For You & Your Dog

  1. Please fill out the NEW CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE so that I have a better understanding of your concerns regarding your dogs behavior.
  2. Prepare for your Phone Interview.  Expect to be contacted within 48 hrs of sending the form.  A Phone Interview is ideal for discussing details and determining a time and location for your Behavior Consult.
  3. After submitting the form, think about where your Behavior Consultation will need to happen.  Common places include
    • Home
    • Parks & Beaches
    • City Streets
  4. Appointments are available Tuesday -Saturday.  The weekend & evening appointments fill-up quickly, so also think about when you and other members of your home will be most available to meet.
  5. A Confirmation Email will be sent to you.  It will have instructions on how to prepare for your consultation.  As well as a reminder of payment options and your invoice for the consult.