Don’t Choose Dominance!

img_0025Good scientific evidence that shows a much more complicated relationship exists between dogs and their environment then a linear hierarchy.  Dominance is not a personality trait.  It has become a meme of convenience to describe a failure in understanding & communication.

To use an analogy, you could describe a person as a jerk, it wouldn’t help me understand that person, nor would it help me have a successful interaction.    A more useful description might go like this:

“Kelley is really cranky in the morning.  Wait until she’s had a sip of coffee and she will be much more pleasant.”  

See, I’m not a jerk; just a coffee junky ;). Describing a dog as dominant doesn’t tell me a damn thing.  We have big, complex human brains!  We can do better.

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What Kind Of Collar Should My Dog Wear?

joyAll dogs should wear an ID Collar at all times.  This is a properly fitted collar that is comfortable and had and ID Tag & License.  You must show proof of a current rabies title or vaccine to license your dog, so if your dog is licensed your dog doesn’t need to wear their rabies tag.  An ID tag with your dog’s name & a phone number is important as it is the fastest way for someone to contact you if they find your dog.  The license tag does double duty as it shows the dog is licensed and has been vaccinated.  If your dog is not licensed.  The City & County of San Francisco Licenses Dogs!

Most dogs DO NOT walk well on a ID Collar (this is typically a properly fitted flat buckle collar).  Unless you anticipate spending countless hours perfecting an show-ring quality heal, then you will need to choose a No-Pull Harness or Head Halter.  This is important because dogs INSTINCTIVELY PULL when something is clipped to their neck or the withers (area between the front legs and neck).

Here are some common brands that I like:

Wonder Walker


Freedom Harness

Ruff Wear Front Range

Wildebeest Linden

Gentle Leader



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