Kelley Filson has over 25 year of professional experience working with dogs in veterinary clinics, shelters, and through private practice as a certified trainer. She believes strongly methat dogs learn fastest and are most reliable when training is fun and motivational.  This does NOT mean that there are not consequences for bad behavior.

Kelley will not use choke, prong or shock collars on your dog!  Neither should anyone else because these outdated punishment-based devices are abusive and dangerous.  Choosing not to use force or pain as a motivator in your training will deepen your bond with your dog and reduce their stress so that they live a long and healthy life.

Kelley was Certified With Honors in 2004 by The Academy for Dog Trainers.   She, like many science-driven Applied Animal Behaviorist & Certified Trainers, believes in Giving (+) and Taking (-) Rewards to change behavior.  This fast and effective method of dog training is based on the scientific of Operant Conditioning.  It has been proven that aversive punishments (those that cause pain or fear) have side-effects.  Giving or Removing Access to “Good Stuff” such as  pets, fetch, attention, tug, freedom and food is the most effective and kindest way to train.

Good Behavior = Dog Gets Stuff

Bad Behavior = Dog Looses Access to Stuff 


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