MYTH #1 ……….. It Only Tickles!

There are only two ways to make reduce un-wanted behaviors.  This is NOT MY OPNION!  This is science!

  1. You can Punish* Behaviors by adding (+) something aversive (yucky).  Because the animal wants to avoid the yucky thing they will stop doing the behavior that precedes it.
  2. You can Punish* A Behavior by removing (-) a reinforcer (good stuff).  Because the animal is  bummed out about their loss they will stop doing the behavior that precedes it.

Since Choke, Shock & Prong collars are ADDING in a feeling, they are by definition AVERSIVE!  This means they HURT!

*By definition if a behavior was “Punished” it went down in frequency.


MYTH #2 ………..The Punishment Fits The Crime  

It is a common mistake to believe that they dog will learn what you intend to teach.  Take pulling on leash as an example.  If every time the dog pulls their collar hurts them, you would think that they would learn to stop pulling.

BUT… There is always a BUT!

Why was the dog pulling?  Everything in the dogs environment (sight & small) can get caught in the web.  If the dog was pulling to see another dog, and then…. OUCH!  Now the dog will associate what they saw with pain.  Sadly, they don’t immediately think about what they did, just what they perceived right before the yucky thing appeared.

This is the number one reason that dogs become reactive on leash!  They started to expect pain every time they see a dog and so they pull to get away, or to make the other dog go away and then… BAM -more pain.  Its a self-fullfillingprfecy of doom! 😦

If you don’t believe me tell me how you FEEL when you see this.


 I bet you didn’t smile and think, Oh Yipee!  I love DPT they keep me from making bad parking choices.

You had a gut feeling when you say the ticket mobile!  And you have a human brain capable of knowing that if you got a ticket it was your own fault for not reading!

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